Mindy's Marked Down for Fall

Mindy's been out around Brighton today to see the first day of Autumn for herself, and, because it's such a gorgeous day and it's Friday we've decided to give a massive discount to the first three customers who buy a Mindy.  Not only will you get her at a ridiculously low price, you'll also get a Burntaxe T-shirt, stickers and patches in the box.  If you're in UK we'll throw in a couple of cans of Brighton's Bison Beer too.  

What's not to like?

Burntaxe Red Mindy Stratocaster with Mandala etch and mirrored red scratchplate resting by the Brighton Pavilion on the first day of Autumn


Burntaxe red Mindy Stratocaster in bushes in Brighton Pavilion on first day of Autumn showing a red and mirrored scratchplate