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Simply choose a design from our selection of artwork, send us your guitar we'll send it back to you looking and playing better than ever.

Ben Weinman  The Dillinger Escape Plan: ESP BW-1

Ben Weinman The Dillinger Escape Plan: ESP BW-1

Ryan 'Fluff' Bruce  Rest Repose: Balaguer Hyperion

Ryan 'Fluff' Bruce Rest Repose: Balaguer Hyperion

Cost: £220

All of our etched guitars are bespoke to each of our customers. Once you've picked a design, we'll send you a mock up of it on your guitar, so you can see how it will look before etching begins.

What makes a Burntaxe

Your guitar will be taken apart for etching and professionally rebuilt from the ground up. This means we'll ensure your guitar has solid internal wiring and set up perfectly for you.

Customise & upgrade

We love customising and upgrading guitars to fit the needs of you, the player. Since we're taking your guitar apart, maybe it's a good time to consider new pick ups.

LTD Deluxe: Circuit

LTD Deluxe: Circuit

Yamaha RBX370A Bass: Mandala

Yamaha RBX370A Bass: Mandala

Time & Delivery

We only need a few weeks to etch your guitar, we will always fit pick up and delivery around you.

Service & Set up

Send us a pack of your favourite strings with your guitar and our pro guitar tech Tom will set your guitar up to your prefered tuning. This includes:

  • Neck adjustment
  • String height
  • Pick up height
  • Inntonation
  • Tuning

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We understand you have more questions, contact us with the form below and we'll respond within 24 hours. Let's make it happen!