I can't find a replacement pickguard for my guitar anywhere online, can you make me one?
We sure can, we can make any shape of pickguard for any model of guitar, send us the make and model, maybe also a picture and we'll sort it out for you.

I want to upgrade my guitar, can you cut a pickguard with a different holes for different pickups?

Can i book my guitar in for a service and set up only?
Yup, we can service and set up all types of electric and acoustic guitars, contact us or drop by our Brighton office and we'll make your axe sing again!

Does etching ruin the sound of my guitar?
Nope, contact us if you have any questions.

I want one of your designs on my guitar, what happens next?
Contact us, let us know what design you want and send a few photos of your guitar to info@burntaxe.com one of our designers will get back to you with mock ups! Choose the mock up you like most, send us your guitar, we'll send it back etched up and if you want, we'll even set up your guitar so when you get it back, it'll look, play and sound better than ever!

What is a mock up?
A mock up is a digital representation of what your guitar could look like before we etch. We will simply Photoshop a design onto a picture of your guitar and send it to you for approval.

I've always wanted to upgrade my guitar, can you do it?
We have over 15 years experience setting up, repairing and upgrading guitars. If you want new pick ups with custom tone and volume controls, we can absolutely do that. If we're etching your guitar and creating a custom pickguard, we could accommodate your new custom controls and placement for no extra charge. Our aim is to create the best possible guitar for you!

The Burntaxe designs are awesome, but can i have my own design etched onto my guitar?
Email your design to tom@burntaxe.com. Tom will let you know if your artwork is etch ready. All of our designs have been specially designed and set up for laser etching, therefore our designs can be used at no extra cost.

Got a question?

If you have a question you'd like to fire at us, please use the form below and we'll aim get back to you within 24 hours.