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Textured design pickguards: £45


Custom pickguards: £40+

clear acrylic telecaster scratchplate pickguard for Burntaxe Farewella laser etched customised green and neon guitar made in Brighton
mirror and red geo circles design scratchplate pickguard stratocaster for Burntaxe in Brighton
Plain white and Gnome scratchplate pickguard for Ola Strandberg Journeys Travelling Gnome Boden guitar laser etched by Burntaxe Brighton England
Jimi Hendrix design pink and neon green psychodelic swirl Burntaxe tribute guitar available to buy at The HAre and Hounds Pub in Brighton England
Black Mirror Giulia design by Burntaxe scratchplate pickguard very fine detailed laser etched and painted stratocaster plate filmed in Brighton England in the autumn leaves fall
Red and Mirror Mindy Stratocaster guitar scratchplate pickguard using Mandala design filmed in brighton england
Black and white three 3 ply 4 four ply telecaster scratchplate for fender or squier for Burtnaxe filmed in BRighton England
tortoiseshell replacement custom scratchplate pickguard made from 3 three ply 4 four ply scratchplate material by Burntaxe BRighton fits Squier and  Fender
clear Epiphone SG replacement scratchplate pickguard customised for Kraken Burntaxe guitar made to order fits Gibson and Epiphone
Blue and Mirror silver replacement customised scratchplate pickguard made to order to fit Squier and Fender Stratocaster using Burntaxe Mandala Design filmed in Brighton England
Farewella black and mirror scratchplate customised and made to order for Dazz Jaguar guitar by Burntaxe in Brighton UK
Made to Order fully customised and bespoke replacement scratchplate pickguard japanese lantern and temple design by Burntaxe for Ben Browning for his Black Stratocaster in Brighton England
Tortoise shell made to order customised scratchplate pickguard made with 3 three ply 4 four ply scratchplate material by Burntaxe Brighton
Black Acrylic scratchplate pickguard made to order as a replacement for Mangowood bass at Brighton Electric Studios by Burntaxe using Mandala design
Mandy replacement scratchplate pickguard made to order for stratocaster white and cream mandala guitar using acrylic laser etched material in Black and mirror finish customised and set up by Burntaxe in Brighton England
Mindy stratocaster made to order fully customised and leaser etched red and silver mirror mandala design, can be made for Fender or Squier, made in BRighton by Burntaxe
Burntaxe one with a coffee and cream fender telecaster scratchplate pickguard fits Squier and Fender made in Brighton by Burntaxe
three ply black and white Les Paul or Epiphone made to order fully bespoke burntaxe scratchplate pickguard made in Brighton England by Burntaxe
Backplate for squier Fender stratocater Mindy white and coffee coloured laser etched guitar by Burntaxe Brighton
black on black 3 ply 4 ply acrylic bespoke customised replacement scratchplate pickguard fits squier fender gibson les paul epiphone balaguer strandberg electric guitars and bass made by burntaxe in Brighton England
Clear acrylic bespoke made to order customised scratchplate pickguard by Burntaxe brighton UK
replacement wooden scratchplate pickguard made by Burtnaxe brighton UK for DKH Brighton Punk scene band horsehead guitar
made to order replacement scratchplate pickguard for accoustic guitar made burntaxe using mandala design in black
clear acyrilic scrtachplate pickguard for les paul eipphone linda burntaxe guitar in cream and black large mandala design made  in Brighton England

Lets make your perfect pickguard

We can make a custom pickguard for any guitar, let us know what guitar you want a replacement pickguard for and we'll send you a mock up, so you can see how great it will look!

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