Laser built speaker cabinets

Our speaker cabinets are bespoke made to order.
Loaded 2x12" from £550
Unloaded 2x12" from £320

Burntaxe_Laser_Cut_Etched_Guitar_Custom_Speaker_Cabinet with inlaid acrylic lettering and farewella mandala design painted in River Jumpers green and black
Burntaxe_Laser_Cut_Etched_Guitar_Custom_Speaker_Cabinet_Back etched in farewella design in river jumpers green with Burtnaxe target logo on back

Function & Design

Let us know what you want your cabinet for. We'll tailor make your speaker cabinet to your needs.

Our cabinet was built to be light, durable, sound great and stand out from the rest, we used River Jumpers green over our Farewella design and we think it looks awesome. 

Our Burntaxe cabinet contains x2 Celestion G12K-100s to produce a 16ohm 200watt cab. You can plug any guitar amp into this beast!

The green monster also showcases our "Farewella" etch design etched on every side. it doesn't matter which angle you look at it from it's a stunner. We also laser cut the front grill, inlaid a white acrylic Burntaxe logo in the grill, protected it with all black corner protectors and made it super portable with side handles.

We've been testing our cabs out at shows with Toms band River Jumpers. It's been the length and breadth of UK and had a mini European tour in Belgium. It sounds great, and saves a load of space on stage if you put it sideways, stage sound is more controlled and everyone loves it!

Watch out for GREEN cabs hitting stages soon, you'll know where they started ;-)


Lets build your ideal speaker cab

Let us know what you want your cabinet for, is it for touring, recording or simply to look amazing and stand out from the rest!
We can etch any design and finish with any colour. We'll send you a mock up detailing what it will look like. What would you have?