Big Ups For Burntaxe

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Laser etched Burntaxe cusmton art guitar pedals Boss and Roland



"After seeing Ryan Bruce's video on his Hyperion, I straight away went on the BurntAxe website. I was stunned by what they could do with a laser and wanted to join the family. I asked them to etch my ES8, and with no hesitation they said yes. The outcome is absolutely beautiful, I cannot get over how insane it is. Simply amazing. And I now have the sweetest pedalboard ever. So thank you!" 

- Cameron Gallagher


"It's made my instrument unique, which is something I'll always love"

- Ben Browning


"Mmmmm yes I love it"

- Isaiah Gaytan


"It's witchcraft what you've done!"

- James Macdonald: City of Ashes


"Wow that's so cool, can't wait on get this on stage"

- Ben Weinman - The Dillinger Escape Plan

"It totally blew my hair back"

- Ryan 'Fluff' Bruce: Rest Repose