Making of Ryan Bruce Signature Balaguer Hyperion



Testimonials - Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan playing Burntaxe etched signature guitar at concorde 2 in Brighton

"Wow that's so cool, can't wait on get this on stage"

- Ben Weinman - The Dillinger Escape Plan

Testimonials Ryan Fluff Bruce holding his custom laser etched burntaxe Mandala one signature Balaguer guitar

"It totally blew my hair back"

- Ryan 'Fluff' Bruce: Rest Repose

Testimonials Laser etched ES8 Roland Boss Pedal, using Burntaxe mandala design

"After seeing Ryan Bruce's video on his Hyperion, I straight away went on the BurntAxe website. I was stunned by what they could do with a laser and wanted to join the family. I asked them to etch my ES8, and with no hesitation they said yes. The outcome is absolutely beautiful, I cannot get over how insane it is. Simply amazing. And I now have the sweetest pedalboard ever. So thank you!" 

- Cameron Gallagher

Testimonials Ben Browning laser etched stratocaster scratchplate pickguard with Japanese custom Burntaxe design

"It's made my instrument unique, which is something I'll always love"

- Ben Browning

Testimonials Laser etched custom guitar for Isiaah Gayton, all over Burntaxe circuit design

"Mmmmm yes I love it"

- Isaiah Gaytan

Testimonals James Macdonald of City of Ashes with his laser etched burntaxe customised guitar in red

"It's witchcraft what you've done!"

- James Macdonald: City of Ashes

Where it all began

This is the first guitar we laser etched and is being played live on stage, all over UK and Europe by Tom Lamont in River Jumpers.
Come to a show near you, check out the guitar, you'll love it even more up close and fresh off the stage!

Before & After