Axe 7 Geo Mirror Mock up

Mock up your axe

We have a blank Strat style guitar here at Burntaxe HQ and we want to play around with one of our new geo designs!

Much like the tattooing world, we'd all love to see what that tat looks like before we get inked up.
If you'd like us to mock up a design or artwork on your axe so you can see what it looks like, give us a shout and we'll create your mock up as a freebie!



Our solution is to create a mock up of the guitar before we build it. It helps us understand what we're making and get in those fine details before we commit to the etcher. 



Our vision here is to create a red Strat style guitar with chrome humbucker pick ups wired as two independent volume controls, mounted on a mirror scratch plate. We're planning on getting the design to seamlessly flow from guitar to scratch plate as a test for precise etching accuracy for Tom to claim yet another world first in laser etching history!

We're totally into this type of look and feel, we'd love to know what you think!