INKredible Guitars


INKredible Guitars

The idea of having yourself inked may be scary to some and the thought of permanently marking your body can be off-putting. We all know someone whose tattoo hasn’t turned out exactly how they wanted throughbotched jobs, spelling mistakes and silly decisions. If you don’t know someone personally, then you’ve probably seen a victim from ’Tattoo Fixers’ on the tele.

Here at Burntaxe, we love the idea that your guitar can be irreversibly customised with an awesome piece of artwork.  What about your tattoo on your guitar, or, if you don't want the pain yourself, use your guitar as your extra limb.  No pain, all the gain!

We work in with artists who think about the shape of the guitar so the artwork fits with the lines of the axe, much like a tattooist considers the contours of a body - It has to sit and look right. Just like tattooing, the artist matters; when the artist is talented the results are incredible!

Pictured below are some of our collaborations with artists whose different styles and visions transform their guitar canvas. We love to see a different approach for each guitar and the result is stunning every time. It gives each of these guitars a bespoke feel and if you buy a Burntaxe it’s bound to be unique.

BEACHXPIZZA's octopus on the SG

BEACHPIZZA's jellyfish on the SG

deprivedanxiety's awesome designs on some decks

It’s not just the artists that get a say though. You can send in you’re own artwork or come to us with an idea and we’ll realise your dreams. If it’s that personal touch you’re looking for then you’ve come to the right place!

We’re always on the look out for people to bounce around crazy ideas with, so if you’re a tattooist or an artist who likes a project that’s a bit different then drop us a line.