Farewella - Burntaxe Amp Cabinet turning an Orange Green


Laser etched 2x12 guitar cab

Tom has always wanted to make his own guitar speaker cabinet, so he decided to test the absolute limits of the laser machine and build this 2x12 beauty! We started with an Orange 20RT and ended up with this.  It's light, it's super portable, the sound is incredible.

We've cut and etched everything on this then painted it River Jumpers green.  Check it out in the pictures below.

Turns out front grills are crazy expensive, so we made our own. We drew it, laser cut it and painted it black and then inlaid the Burntaxe Logo in white acrylic.

Because we'd lasered it, it was a breeze to fit it together. And because we can decorate it, we did.  We used Farewella on this cab but if you wanted it you could have any Burntaxe design you wanted or even your band artwork.

We've installed a pair of Celestion G12k-100's, this is a beastly 200watt 16ohm guitar cab!

Tom will be plugging his Peavey 5150 into the logo at the back of this cab!

Just look how sick this set up is!

Want one?