Axe 2 Stratocaster

AXE 2 Strat Custom Build

A custom build Stratocaster was a "from scratch" build. Its got a maple neck
with rosewood neck and a solid alder hardwood body, two key fundamental ingredients
to create a quality toneful guitar. Featuring a single Seymour Duncan JB humbucker in
the bridge position controlled by one volume pot, allows for the etch design to take full effect.

Tom has gigged AXE 2, he says "The hench SD-JB on a Strat style guitar
creates a huge thick tone with that classic strat twang. This axe through a 5150 amp
will shred through any mix, simple, easy, awesome". 

As a final addition to the simple wiring, this axe also features complete
internal shielding, giving perfect grounding to remove excess hum from any high gain amp.

Turn this axe up to 11 baby!