Heavy Strings for Heavy Musicians

Thicker strings for lower tunings - Squier Jazz Bass

This natural wood finish bass was crying out for heavier strings for heavier music.
The original set up was standard - EADG tuning.   It was good but
it wasn't right, the sound wasn't what I wanted.

So, I swapped the standard 50 - 105 strings for Power Slinky 55 - 110 strings for detuned DGCF tunings.
I adjusted the truss rod and intonation, suddenly this standard bass was in perfect pitch and
had a beautiful action, it's totally gig ready!

Often guitars have major issues when players don't adjust their instrument to the right
string gauge and tuning. Your guitar or bass may feel fine at the beginning
if you change the string gauge or adjust  the tuning, but, over time the neck
could warp out of shape and throw your intonation right out of the window.

String set up is arguably the most important element to a guitar or bass,
if you're not set up right, you're gonna have a bad time!


Axe 5 DKH

AXE 5 custom band themed guitar

Brighton band Dirty Kinda Hot themed axe. This axe features a custom three coil neck pick up
designed to embrace the discord undertones of DKH. Let the noise begin.

Handmade wooden scratch plates enables the horse head artwork to be fully worked and
unbroken by standard plastic components.

This guitar was stored away in an attic for many years (i'm sure most of you can relate to that)
the neck was totally out of shape, the guitar was completely unplayable.

Since Tom Lamont, our Lead Axe Designer (LAD) was let loose on this
seemingly lost cause, he converted this standard forgotten, unloved guitar into possibly the sickest axe yet.

We want you all to have a twiddle on this one!

This was such a fun build, we'd love to tell you all the details over a posh gin.


Axe 3 Les Paul

Axe 3 Custom Les Paul

This standard Les Paul has had a major overhaul. It's was a concept piece
to see how far we can push etching of a winder range of guitars.

This took some serious setting up, but we got there in the end.
AXE 3 now feels and plays like a quality Les Paul should. 

Fun to play and now has liquid action.


Axe 2 Stratocaster

AXE 2 Strat Custom Build

A custom build Stratocaster was a "from scratch" build. Its got a maple neck
with rosewood neck and a solid alder hardwood body, two key fundamental ingredients
to create a quality toneful guitar. Featuring a single Seymour Duncan JB humbucker in
the bridge position controlled by one volume pot, allows for the etch design to take full effect.

Tom has gigged AXE 2, he says "The hench SD-JB on a Strat style guitar
creates a huge thick tone with that classic strat twang. This axe through a 5150 amp
will shred through any mix, simple, easy, awesome". 

As a final addition to the simple wiring, this axe also features complete
internal shielding, giving perfect grounding to remove excess hum from any high gain amp.

Turn this axe up to 11 baby!


Axe 1 Fender Telecaster

The first axe

I was instantly inspired to create something cool when I saw the Laser Etcher
at Brighton Barclays Eagle Labs. My initial reaction was to get the awesome design Carl Sutton
put together for the debut Barriers ep launch.

A massive thanks to Jon at Barclays for helping me build the "Laser-Ready" files and
get them bang on. Words can't express how awesome this custom guitar design project was and
I can't wait to show it off at the next load of gigs!

PS yes you can touch the design (it's all bumpy) and it doesn't hinder
the performance or playability of the guitar.

I hope this is a first step to creating new and sick instruments using the latest technology.