The Dillinger Escape Plan: Burntaxe Trailer


Check out for a guitar as fucking awesome as Ben's one! BURNTAXE are a Brighton based startup, with a simple message: "We can remake your favourite ever guitar, give it a gnarly makeover, hand etch any design you like and make it play like never before!"

Burntaxe & The Dillinger Escape Plan

We picked up Ben Weinman's signature BW-1 guitar on the day of The Dillinger Escape Plan's final Brighton show at Concorde 2. We etched it up, handed it back ready for the stage that night and here's the result!

'Making of' video coming soon

A shot of Ben Weinman playing One of us is the killer with his freshly etched Burntaxe on their Dissociation tour in Brighton at Concorde 2.

See Ben's Burntaxe with The Dillinger Escape Plan on Tour here

Do you want your guitar to be this rad?

Of course you do! Send us photos of your guitar and we will send back a few examples of its new lease of life!  

To good to be true?

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