Your Scratchplate, Your Design.


Art is a personal thing and some images are more meaningful than others, so when Ben asked us to put an image that is important to him on his Stratocaster scratchplate, we were keen to make it as beautiful as possible. Ben wanted a photograph of Japanese lanterns on his scratchplate. The artwork came from an amazing photograph that the designers at Burntaxe converted into an etch ready file. This was our first photographic scratchplate project. It's showed it's possible to get incredible detail on scratchplate material.

It's also the first lefthanded guitar we've etched...there are a lot of firsts going on here! Lefties rule!

The design transports you to Japan, and reflects a sense of excitement and wonder you would get from the culture around you. The black and white silhouette design gives this piece a classy feel. We hope Ben continues to thoroughly enjoy playing his Strat which now has the personal memory he was after.