It's all about the tone


Seymour Duncan Hotrail pickup upgrade

The Seymour Duncan STHR-1 Tele Hot Rails Pickup is a lead position pickup that is a direct replacement humbucker. It delivers fat, full Seymour Duncan sound. The 2 thin blades with powerful coil windings combine to give you a raw, distorted rock 'n' roll tone with incredible sustain.


Make your Tele Hotter and Fatter

Designed to boost the output of your Tele, the STHR-1 Hot Rails is a high output single-coil sized humbucker. This rails-style pickup is a direct replacement for an existing Tele pickup and uses a ceramic magnet and overwound coils to provide a heavy distorted sound with excellent sustain. The STHR-1 boasts a chunky midrange, letting your Tele really cut through the mix. If you're looking to augment your Tele tone with something a bit more on the rude side, drop in an STHR-1 Hot Rails and start rocking!


Burntaxe No1 sounds as good as it looks

It's all about the tone

This guitar started life as a standard Tele, an extremely dull "meh" guitar. Let's just say now sings above any Tele Tom has ever played. The new Seymour Duncan pick up delivers all the tone, gain and volume you could ever need ranging from the blues to full explosion metal! This Tele has been set up for half step down tunings (D*) with Power Slinky strings (11 - 48). Tom is looking forward to getting this beauty in the recording studio and on stage soon!