That's the thing with Linda


Named 'Linda' from the start by the Burntaxe team this guitar has gained a bit of a reputation in the office. Also referred to as the 'nightmare girlfriend' this guitar has had a fair few tricky obstacles to overcome. But, naturally, it was nothing Burntaxe couldn't fix. This was a challenge set specifically to test the team and if they could rejuvenate a wrecked guitar into a beauty. 

Riddled with tuning issues, the intonation was completely out, action was higher than the empire state building, the neck was bowed more than Zelda’s bow, all the volume and tone control pots were noisy and it had a sneaky crackly output. A completely unplayable, impossible to tune and sounded like the most unmusical - musical instrument to ever land in the Burntaxe studio. Tom was put into the worse case scenario, could he bring the worst guitar ever found on Gumtree back to life?

The answer. Of course.

To put the cherry on top, the artwork for this one is a solid 'in-your-face' blown up version of the mandala design. Linda stands out across the room, you can't fail to see her! She's had awesome reactions in recording studios and has literally stopped people in their tracks just so they can have a longer look. The front design is positioned beautifully. The back is split down the middle and the colours reversed pushing the limits to how rad this guitar could be. The scratchplate is transparent so nothing is interrupted.

Our opinion has changed about Linda. She's now the 'perfect girlfriend'.