Jimi Hendrix: A Tribute


The most adventurous guitar we have done to date. This stunner was an experiment with colour, and what a result. The 2 way colours sprayed over this design was intended to be bright, psychedelic and in-your-face. When you think of guitarists Jimi instantly springs to mind. It seemed obvious we needed to make a tribute guitar, so we did. They say you should have no regrets. We don't see how you could ever regret making or buying this guitar. It is all of the splendids. To get the colour to 'pop' and for that insane swirling graphic to stand out even more than it already does this axe was kitted out with all black hardware. Hendrix played many Stratocaster models which is why the Strat was perfect for this project. The front is reflective of that 60's hippy vibe with Jimi's head spiralling into the vortex - trippy or what? It also has the design from one of his own guitars integrated on the front for that extra special touch. The back has a full blown image of Hendrix shredding his guitar on stage which comes from our favourite album cover of his, with a splattered paint effect giving it the character it needs. It doesn't stop there. We've also sprayed the headstock in the zany green and pink and etched the legend himself's signature into the topside. Although we've tried to do it justice by describing it to you, it's probably better to have a flick through the pictures - they're pretty rad man!