LTD EC-1000 Duncan Circuit


Stop what you're doing and check this out!

This is totally one of our favourite guitar etches to date. Isaiah Gaytan in the USA found us through a post from the King of all things Guitar Nerdyness YouTube's Mr Ryan (Fluff) Bruce.

Isaiah went for our intricate Circuit etch artwork, designed by Burntaxe's Mother Nature, Chrissy Lamont. It was the first time we'd etched Circuit on a guitar and it came out so sweet, so detailed, so hench, so unique and so Burntaxe.

Set up

The guitar landed in the Burntaxe studio in Brighton UK with a bit of fret buzz and a few intonation issues.  But it was nothing our pro guitar tech Tom Lamont couldn't solve. When Tom had worked his magic the LTD EC-1000 fret buzz issues were ironed out, and we sent it back with tighter action and pitch perfect intonation.

Hell yeah, tell your tech he’s amazing at his job!
— Isaiah Gaytan
It’s going to look amazing for my upcoming gigs
— Isaiah Gaytan

Thank you

Isaiah, you're the man!

Thank you for letting us loose on your guitar, we think it came out great and we hope you enjoy it dude! Let us know if your band mates want it too, we're well up for it!