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BEACHXPIZZA | Art + Design


Jessica Ash is a freelance illustrator based in West Sussex, combining
freehand illustration with digital artwork and specialising in the weird
and wonderful. Jessica loves collaborating with new faces and is always
keen to get her hands dirty on the next project.

You can check out samples of her latest work at



Oliver Elmes


Oliver Elmes

Oliver is a highly creative, Brighton based Videographer & Photographer with many years
professional experience, he shoots, edits and creates motion graphics.

Oliver began his career as a camera operator, editor and graphic artist in Montpellier
in 2004 for extreme sports company 'Kaleo' (  He came back to UK and worked
as an edit assistant at Ricochet (Cowboy Builders, Food unwrapped), creating motion graphics at
'Four Eyes TV' ( for the Discovery Channel and editing and shooting for
Fat Sand ( 2013, Oliver launched his video production company 'Manoeuvre' (
Notably, he's created virtual tours for Brighton 360  ( made a short film
about Pedro Martins, a professional guitar repair man from Brazil, living in Hove and is now
working with 'Cranks', ( a voluntary bicycle repair scheme in Kemptown.  

Check Oliver out on Vimeo.

Oliver is also a professional guitarist. 
Posting guitar lessons on you tube ( and gigging around town.



Carl Sutton

Carl Sutton is a graphic designer / illustrator currently living in Cardiff, Wales.

His work is an exploration of deconstruction, anatomy, entomology and symmetry.
When he is not sketching or knee deep in vector madness he can usually
be found watching b-movies, writing rhymes or playing sega. 

He's also showcasing artwork at exhibitions and galleries around the Cardiff area this autumn.


Tom Lamont


Tom Lamont

Tom is a graphic / brand designer who also specialises in user experience design for
start-up companies globally and is the Chief Art Director at This is Pod. 

Tom is also the Chief Guitar Builder at Burntaxe in Brighton.

He's also in bands, River Jumpers, Barriers and DKH, frequently playing shows around the Brighton and London area.  

If you go to a gig you'll be sure to see an original Burntaxe on stage.