Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Bournemouth BIC 24th September 2017


Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds returned to Britain, to Bournemouth, the childhood home of Nick's wife, Susie Bick, for what was an intense and powerful two and a half hour performance.

Cave began the set with 'Anthrocene' seated on a stool, The Bad Seeds quiet and sombre behind him, this was the first of seven Skeleton Tree album tracks, soon he had transformed into his trademark Wild West Circuit Preacher self,  pacing from one end of the stage to the other, reaching out to hold fans outstretched hands, whipping up a frenzy of love and fire throughout the set.

Burntaxe at Bournemouth BIC for Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Skeleton Tree first night in UK performance

Mixed in with the latest work were Bad Seed classics including Higgs Boson Blues, From Her to Eternity, Tupelo, Jubilee Street, Mercy Seat, The Ship Song and Into My Arms.

Red Right Hand, the song much beloved by TV and film makers had its lyrics topically reworked, it was a massive crowd pleaser and the crowd didn't shy away from telling Nick how very,very pleased they were.

Set List 


Jesus Alone
Higgs Boson Blues
From Her to Eternity
Jubilee Street
The Ship Song
Into My Arms
Girl in Amber
I Need You
Red Right Hand
Mercy Seat
Distant Sky
Skeleton Tree


The Weeping Song
Stagger Lee
Push the Sky Away



Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds at the Bournemouth International Centre on 24th September 2017, Nick Cave reached out to the crowd, picture courtesy of Michelle Mealor, Burntaxe Brighton Laser etched guitars skateboards amps pedals basses cabs bespoke and made to order

Choruses of Happy Birthday rang out intermittently during the night to acknowledge Cave's 60th birthday a couple of days before, one guy, Colin Wilson, shouted he wanted more Nick on his side of the stage,  the response was "Come up for a hug" and so he did.

A richly appreciated encore brought an awesome version of The Weeping Song, Cave invited fans up for what was the most peaceful and joyous stage invasion I've ever seen.  The crowd was delighted, around 70 clambering up, leaping and punching the air triumphantly.  

Burntaxe at Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Skeleton Tree gig in Bournemouth BIC on 24th September 2017, woman dancing with Nick Cave during stage invasion, picture courtesy Michelle Mealor, Burntaxe

The crowd was delighted, security not so much.


The stage filled, they danced, they writhed, he stalked from right to left and launched himself into the adoring crowd. 

 Stagger Lee.  Video courtesy of Jon Wilks

The stage filled, they danced, they writhed, he stalked from right to left and launched himself into the adoring crowd. 

Cave asked them to sit, so they sat, and were rewarded with the moving and powerful Push The Sky Away.  An incredible ending to a remarkable show.



Mindy's Marked Down for Fall

Mindy's been out around Brighton today to see the first day of Autumn for herself, and, because it's such a gorgeous day and it's Friday we've decided to give a massive discount to the first three customers who buy a Mindy.  Not only will you get her at a ridiculously low price, you'll also get a Burntaxe T-shirt, stickers and patches in the box.  If you're in UK we'll throw in a couple of cans of Brighton's Bison Beer too.  

What's not to like?

Burntaxe Red Mindy Stratocaster with Mandala etch and mirrored red scratchplate resting by the Brighton Pavilion on the first day of Autumn


Burntaxe red Mindy Stratocaster in bushes in Brighton Pavilion on first day of Autumn showing a red and mirrored scratchplate

Traveling Gnome by @strandbergguitars and us

Ola Strandberg asked us to etch a Boden Classic for his traveling Gnome project It's going round the world being passed from player to player and country to country.  So far it's been to Sweden, Latvia, the US and Canada.  If you want to play it join the facebook group and shout out

.strandberg* Journeys - Traveling Gnome Boden


strandberg travelling gnome boden from Jonas Martling

strandberg travelling gnome boden from Jonas Martling