Burntaxe: Coming To A Pub Near You

Our new mandala design has been revealed. This design has intricate details, insane patterns and far out imagery. It is a design banquet for the eyes, where you see something new every time you look at it. But the hype doesn’t stop there. You could see it with your own eyes at The Hare and Hounds. Heck you could buy it! And there’s more! This guitar is a test model so it will be at a reduced price. This was the guitar where we tested the limits to how fine the details could be and if this design would work. Let’s just say it definitely worked. The Burntaxe team decided that we had more than our fair share of guitars in the office and that you can only play one guitar at a time…we think. So a rare opportunity is available here where an early serial numbered guitar could be yours for £250. Head on over to The Hare and Hounds where you can will see it hanging up on their wall with a beer in hand. If you just can’t wait that long and you want to buy this guitar for yourself or etch our new MARIA design on your own guitar then contact us. This is not the only item you will see though! Our skateboards are also ready to grace the pub with their presence. An all wood finish has been used for the boards, and each one could be yours for £75. Feast yours eyes at the photoshoot below to see them in all their glory alongside the guitar and a circular wall art.