truss rod

Road worn bass resurrection

Fender jazz bass set up & repair

Tom, our leader axe builder can fix and set up your bass the way you want.  

If your bass needs TLC, he's your man. 

This red Fender Jazz bass had fret buzz, a dull / muted top string and,

when it was played it just sounded out of tune, even tho the strings were tuned perfectly.

Tom prescribed truss rod adjustment, (!!!) a touch of fret re-crowning and smoothing

off the top string on the bridge saddle. When Tom stripped the bass apart,

he found dry solder joints and a load of loose scratch plate screws.  

This bass has seen some action, it was almost on its last legs, but now,

after its full overhaul, it's been resurrected.

It sounds awesome, it plays so sweet.